For riders
(with horses in mind)

We say this with full cer­tain­ty: our cos­met­ics are game-chang­ers. You get eve­ry­thing you need in one place: prop­er pro­tec­tion, moisturization, nour­ish­ment, fast ab­sorp­tion – and you can use it on a dai­ly ba­sis, not on­ly while rid­ing. But will your horse like it? Well, we’ve con­sid­ered all the ways in which their sens­es could be both­ered by rid­ers’ cos­met­ics. That’s why we ditched per­fume com­po­si­tions, which may smell nice to us, but can be ir­ri­tat­ing for our e­quine friends, and used or­gan­ic lav­en­der and rose ge­ra­ni­um es­senc­es in­stead. We al­so made sure our cos­met­ics ab­sorb quick­ly, leav­ing no greas­y feel, so they don’t stick to your hors­es’ skin or hair.

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What’s important to us?


Being animal-friendly

Hors­es were our fo­cus, but we did­n't for­get about your oth­er four-leg­ged friends. All the horse-friend­ly traits our cos­met­ics have will be ap­pre­ci­at­ed by oth­er an­i­mals and their sen­si­tive sens­es. We al­so prom­ise to keep our cos­met­ics 100% ve­gan and cru­el­ty-free, and to nev­er dis­trib­ute them to ar­e­as with in­ad­e­quate an­i­mal-test­ing prac­tic­es or laws.


Being rider-friendly

We did our best to ad­just eve­ry as­pect of our cos­met­ics to rid­ers’ needs. The in­gre­di­ents help give your skin the pro­tec­tion, nour­ish­ment, and mois­tur­i­zation it needs – be­fore, dur­ing, and af­ter rid­ing. The smell is sub­tle and pleas­ant so you can use our cos­met­ics on a dai­ly ba­sis. The pack­ag­ing is as prac­ti­cal as pos­si­ble, so it’s hard to break and eas­y to take with you wher­ev­er you go.


Being responsible

While de­vel­op­ing our cos­met­ics, we close­ly an­a­lyzed each in­gre­di­ent to make sure eve­ry­thing was ab­so­lute­ly es­sen­tial. We ran all the nec­es­sar­y tests to en­sure all prod­ucts are safe for both hors­es and rid­ers, and that they are not test­ed on an­i­mals nor an­i­mal-de­rived. Our pack­ag­ing is ful­ly recyclable, made with sep­a­rate plas­tic and card­board parts.

Carefully crafted

No an­i­mal-de­rived in­gre­di­ents are used in Équilibre cos­met­ics nor will they be, since we have so man­y great, safe al­ter­na­tives, both plant-based and syn­thet­ic. But don’t be a­larmed by the word ‘syn­thet­ic’, these in­gre­di­ents are com­plete­ly safe – if you want to see for your­self, head to our ‘Prod­ucts’ page, where we ex­plain eve­ry in­gre­di­ent and the rea­son it has been chosen.

We give back

For each prod­uct sold, a part of the pro­ceeds is giv­en back to hors­es and the e­ques­tri­an com­mu­ni­ty. Our goal is to sup­port dif­fer­ent peo­ple and char­i­ties in eve­ry ar­e­a we’re pre­sent. These char­i­ties work hard to help hors­es and make their lives bet­ter. Some of them are small, lo­cal in­i­ti­a­tives, oth­ers – big­ger foun­da­tions and or­gan­i­za­tions. Cu­ri­ous who they are? There’s a stick­er on eve­ry pack­age with their name and ar­e­a of op­er­a­tion. If you like what they do, may­be you can help spread their mes­sage. We know they’d ap­pre­ci­ate it!

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